Control & Protection

Our mission is to build long term customer relationships by offering our clients the high quality products and solutions they need to always have the competitive advantage. We achieve this by respecting the same values across our three divisions:


The product range exists only of products, solutions and services that live up to our own very high quality standards. Our partners and suppliers are carefully chosen so we can offer our customers the best possible products and solutions for their specific needs.

We do not just sit back and wait for new trends and risks to come along but we actively anticipate these developments. Our innovative range of products and solutions is constantly being improved and expanded so we can always give our customers a competitive advantage.


Our success only exists thanks to our customers' success! Our goal is to build and maintain long term partnerships by always keeping our promises and by not only meeting but always exceeding expectations

We know that every project requires a tailor made approach. By always finding out our customers' specific needs, we are able to offer reliable products, solutions and service exactly when and where they need it.


With more than 35 years of experience in very diverse sectors and industries, we have built up an impressive track record. This expertise enables us to not only supply our customers with products but also give them constant support before, during and after sales.

We spend a lot of time and attention in the development of our high educated employees. We believe that it is very important to have a strong team of professionals with highly developed technical and social skills to lift our products and solutions to an even higher level.


Control & Protection consists of 3 divisions:

Automation Solutions

Our Automation Solutions division specializes in industrial software and hardware solutions that help you gain more insight in all your business and production processes. We enable our customers to keep track of their processes and to make improvements when and where it is needed

Electrical Test Solutions

The Electrical Test Solutions division of Control & Protection offers our customers a complete range of electrical test and measuring instruments for several fields of application (Installation, industry and Telecom). We do not only deliver products but we also place our experience and expertise at the customers disposal: Besides our repair service and our helpdesk, we also offer trainings and we give them the possibility to perform tests on industrial electrical installations.

Fire Protection Solutions

As a supplier of a wide range of passive fire protection products, Fire Protection Solutions helps you protect all your valuable assets. Thanks to our strong partnerships, experience and expertise, we can offer our customers the possibility to execute fire protection projects.